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He hates crime. All Inspector Dermot Dervish loathes more are early mornings, his boss, and any technology from the last thirty years. But he won’t need any of these. Armed with his trusty notebook, razor wit, and an assistant who’s trying to pretend she’s not a traffic warden, only Dermot can solve a series of shocking and intriguing murders, and bring the city’s criminal scum to justice.   

Or let them go if he thinks they’ve got a good enough reason.


Playable demo coming out Autumn 2023.

Estimated Five Day Detective release: Summer 2024 on Steam and itchio.

Side Scrolling Point ‘n’ Click gameplay.

Three whodunnit murder mysteries, each set over five days.

Solve a range of puzzles including item based problems, computer based forensics, and the climactic denouement where you must unmask the killer.

Mood power ups will help you question suspects with empathy, alert you to danger, or give you the assertiveness to not take any crap.

Price TBC

Translations in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (LatAm) completed.

Arabic, Japanese and Russian in progress.

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